A Little TLC

By cjeah












Curry trod wearily into the hotel room. Normally the sight of Heyes, curled up in the armchair by the window, barefoot, book in hand, hair tousled, would have warranted a second look – in other circumstances, a lot more than just a look.


This afternoon, Curry was barely aware of his partner as he made his single-minded way over to the bed and flopped down face first with a groan.


Heyes looked over at him, amused. "You look terrible."


"I feel terrible. My aches and pains have aches and pains." Curry groaned again.


"Poor baby," Heyes set his book down and got up. "It's your own fault. The things you put up with for a pretty face." He started to tug on one of Curry's boots.


"Thanks," Kid mumbled. "A good thing for you, 'cause otherwise I'd never have put up with your bossiness all these years."


Heyes grinned lopsidedly, let the boot in his hand hit the floor and started tugging on the other boot. "Now Kid, I been doubly blessed with brains and the ability to use them. It's my God-given duty to help out those less fortunate."


Kid snorted into the blanket under his face. "How come then when we were practically swimming in money, I never saw you passin' handfuls of it out to the poor?"


Heyes dropped the other boot to the floor. "Every man has to draw a line somewhere." Heyes cocked his head with a wry smile. "Money's where I draw mine." Hands on hips, he eyed his worn-out partner.


"How'd you get this tuckered out? I thought that Widow Sanders had men lined up to help her this morning. What happened to all your competition?" Heyes slapped Kid on the hip. "Turn over."


Curry grinned sheepishly as he rolled over onto his back. "I kind of discouraged them from hanging around."


Heyes unbuckled and untied Curry's gun belt, sliding it free and hanging it on the bedpost. "Well, I hope you got something out of it." He started in on Kid's belt buckle.


Kid sighed mournfully. "All I got out of it was a glass of lemonade and a smile."


Heyes paused, startled, then unfastened Kid's pants. "She wasn't willing?" He found it hard to believe any woman would turn down all that tanned, burnished, well-toned, flesh… and with those blue eyes and Kid's sweet smile…


"Oh, she was willing," Curry said. "It's just that by the time she offered, I was too tired to take her up on it.


Sliding the Kid's pants down his legs and off, Heyes noticed that part of Kid's anatomy didn't seem too tired. There was a definite bulge in Curry's long johns.


"It don't look like all of you was too tired."


"Maybe not, but the rest of me was," Curry said. "Thought it best to take her up on it some other time. I didn't want her to think I was all show and no stamina."


"If you need me to give her a character reference," Heyes said. "I'd be happy to vouch for your stamina." He reached into the opening of Curry's undergarment.


"Oh, Heyes." Curry shifted restlessly as teasing fingers pulled his cock free of his clothes. "You're flogging a dead horse here. I'm worn out."


"Hello there," Heyes said, dropping a kiss onto the head of Curry's penis, which showed definite signs of life. "You don't look dead to me. Poor deprived baby."


"Heyes," Curry paused, looking down, "are you talking to my dick?"


"Yep." Heyes sprawled on the bed alongside Curry, leaning over and eyeing him critically. "Think he likes it." He blew gently on Kid's penis and, encouraged, it filled out and lengthened even more. Heyes grinned, leaning closer.


"Heyes, I'm sorry. Any other time I'd be happy to… Oh God." Curry groaned deeply as Heyes took him in his mouth. "Don't stop. Please don't stop."


Mouth and hands full, Heyes chuckled, sending shivers through Curry. While he wasn't very experienced at the task, wanting Kid to feel good was all the motivation he needed to give it his best efforts. From the sounds of it, he was doing just fine.


Curry undulated rhythmically beneath him, soft cries and moans rumbling in Heyes' ears. The sounds inflamed Heyes' own desire and he groaned.


A gentle hand settled on Heyes' head, fingers tangling in his hair, urging him to keep going. Heyes didn't need the encouragement. He was beginning to see what Curry found so interesting about doing this. He concentrated on bringing the most pleasure he could to his friend, not letting Curry tug him away when he was on the brink of coming.


Curry arched off the bed with a muffled shout, fingers tightening in Heyes' hair until it hurt. Heyes swallowed everything down the best he could, not liking the taste. It was Kid, though, so he accepted it. He finished the way Curry often did to him, licking him clean and gently tucking him back into his long johns.


"Kid?" Heyes shifted to lie beside his partner, head on the same pillow. It wasn't that he didn't know he'd done a good job, but it was still new enough to him that he wouldn't have minded some reassurance.


Curry's face was slack with sleep, his eyes closed.


"Never mind," Heyes said. "It'll keep." He got up and pulled the coverlet over Kid's exhausted body and left him to his rest.


Curled up in the armchair, basking in the sunlight from the window, Heyes picked up his book again. He spent the rest of the afternoon watching Kid sleep instead of reading.







The end.



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