Wanted Man






Slash Heyes/Curry

Explicit – or as explicit as I ever get, anyway.








Lobo tossed his cards on the table. "I fold." He gaze was drawn to the blond figure standing rigidly against the bar. He quickly looked away from Kid Curry to Preacher.


Preacher had his lips pursed. He tossed his cards in, too. "Haven't had a decent hand all evening. My luck sure ain't good." Preacher, too, kept glancing over to the bar.


Wheat grinned and pulled in the meager pot. None of them were flush enough to bet much. They were hoping to change that after robbing the bank.


Kyle was already flat broke and had to borrow money from Wheat just to stay in the game. He stared at his partner. "Wheat. Don't Harley owe you ten dollars?"


"Yeah. What about it?" Wheat gave him a hard look. "I already lent you five dollars, Kyle. That's all you'll get out of me."


"Ain't that," Kyle said, looking over to where the blond man still leaned back against the bar. He looked over to where the redheaded Harley sat playing poker at a table with Heyes and a couple strangers, then back to the bar. "It's just that if you want that money back from Harley, best you get it now 'fore it's too late."


"Too late?" Wheat turned around. "Ah, hell!"



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Heyes felt the smile freeze on his face. He kept his cards close to his chest and stared down at the hand on his thigh. Lifting an eyebrow, he peered sideways at the man sitting next to him. "I pass to the raiser." A glimmer of anger shone in his brown eyes. "You mind givin' me some room, Harley? You're breathing up all my air."


Duke Harley grinned and let go. Leaning back in his chair, he tossed in a twenty dollar gold piece. "I raise twenty." His grin broadened. "I've got a feeling I'm gonna get lucky tonight."


"I have a feeling you're not gonna get as lucky as you think," Heyes muttered.


Harley smirked. "A man like me makes his own luck." His blue eyes flashed with a humor that couldn't quite disguise the hidden threat.


Heyes had to stifle the urge to ram Harley's shiny teeth down his throat. He knew if he so much as threatened the other man, he'd have Harley's shiny pistol rammed down his throat. Then Kid would shoot Harley and they could forget about pulling any bank job.


He consoled himself with the thought that after they took the bank and paid Harley his share, they would be on their way, with Harley nothing more than a bad memory. Heyes sighed. Harley had gotten Kid's back up when he made it plain he was itchin' to get better acquainted with the leader of the Devil's Hole gang. Keeping the two from bloodshed was proving to be quite a chore.


Heyes tossed down his worthless cards. "I fold." He leaned back, his eyes wandering over to the bar, ignoring the other men as they continued playing out their hands.


He had to keep reminding himself of his goal. He could put up with Harley encroaching on his personal space and the innuendos for forty thousand dollars. Of course, only forty percent of that was actually his and Kid's. Heyes eyed Kid warily. If Harley kept pushing his luck, they were gonna be out their inside man and end up lucky if they got away with ten thousand. Harley was the only one who had access to inside information as to when the payroll was scheduled to be delivered. If they took the bank too early they'd miss out on an extra thirty thousand.


Heyes doubted that thirty thousand dollars held much importance to Kid at the moment. He could feel the heat of Kid's gaze burning into Harley. He was surprised the redhead hadn't burst into flames.



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Wheat groaned. If Kid got any hotter the whole place would go up in smoke. He couldn't believe Duke would have the unmitigated gall to lay hands on Hannibal Heyes in full view of Kid Curry. Everyone knew Heyes belonged to Kid. You either figured it out fast or left Devil's Hole in a lot poorer shape then you rode in—if you were lucky enough to be able to ride out.


There were a few sorry souls who'd ridden out of Devil's Hole with more holes than they'd rode in with. Men who'd forgot that when you drew on Heyes, you were drawin' on Kid. Hell's fury had nothing on Kid Curry if you threatened or injured his partner.


"Damn it, they better be bringing that payroll in soon or I don't think we're gonna see a penny of that money," Wheat said.



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Heyes felt a hand on his knee. It slid slowly up his thigh. He shot out of his chair so fast it fell over behind him. Everyone but Harley looked up at him in surprise. From the corner of his eyes he could see Kid stepping away from the bar, hand by his gun butt. He forced a smile as he motioned for his partner to stay put.


"Sorry, boys. I've had enough for the night." Gathering up his money, Heyes headed for the bar. He needed a drink.


Heyes refused to admit that what he really wanted was the security of standing by his partner's side. Keeping Harley at arm's length without alienating him was more of a strain then he'd expected. It was giving him a headache and right about now that thirty thousand dollar payroll was seeming less and less of an incentive to put up with the redheaded gunslinger.


"Hang on a minute." Harley said, hastily stashing his money in his jacket pockets. He snagged Heyes by the wrist as the outlaw leader walked by him. Heyes' forward momentum pulled Harley up out of his chair.


There was a silent tug-of-war that the more heavily built Harley won.


Heyes eyes flashed dangerously, but he held still, not willing to make a scene. After one more futile effort to slide his wrist free, he gave in and let Harley pull him to the back of the saloon. "What do you want?"


"I want to talk over our deal."



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Kid Curry saw red, literally. The haze of fury inflaming his senses caused his vision to tunnel in on Harley. The redhead's hair shone brilliantly beneath the saloon chandelier. His teeth gleamed white enough to dazzle the eyes.


Curry doubted Harley had much experience with rejection. Curry was also honest enough to admit that Harley was as attractive as he seemed to think, but his arrogant conviction that Heyes was going to end up in bed with him was maddening. Heyes' attempts to put Harley off only encouraged him to double his attentions.


If only Heyes hadn't made Kid solemnly promise to keep his mouth shut and his gun in its holster! A fleeting grin crossed Kid's face. He'd never forget the night during which Heyes had managed to extract that promise. It would be one of his favorite fantasies to reenact when separated from Heyes on the trail. Kid scowled. It still wasn't worth putting up with that rustler. Curry felt as if he were going to choke, holding in all his possessive anger.


So what if Harley had a reputation as a gunslinger? Kid itched for the opportunity to prove his own reputation was well deserved. Heyes fussed too much. Kid could take care of himself – and his partner if need be.


Despite Heyes' nagging about needing Harley for the payroll info, and how calling him out would be counter productive to Heyes' plan, and that the boys were counting on them, Kid was sure Harley was more trouble than he was worth. As it was, Curry might as well have been wallpaper for all the attention Harley paid him after finding out he couldn't prod Kid into a fight. The redhead was too focused on Heyes to take Curry's warnings seriously. Harley simply refused to accept that Heyes was already roped and branded.


It was driving Kid crazy.


Harley's blatant groping was the last straw. He stepped forward only to reluctantly step back as Heyes sent him a warning glare and motioned him to stay put.


He wavered uncertainly at the bar as Heyes and Harley stepped out of his line of sight. It was only a minute before his control broke and he went after his partner. He didn't trust Harley with Heyes. If he was messing with Heyes again, Kid was going to take him apart – if Heyes hadn't beaten him to it.



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Wheat, Kyle, Lobo, and Preacher watched morosely as Kid stalked away from the bar with a predatory gleam in his eyes.


"We best get the horses saddled and ready to move out," Wheat said.


Kyle nodded. "I'll pack up Kid's and Heyes' things."


Preacher watched Kid Curry stalk his prey. "Better hurry."



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



"Our deal?" Heyes tilted his head up to meet Harley's gaze. "That's already been settled."


Harley moved closer, his grip tightening on Heyes' wrist. He pulled Heyes into the alcove under the stairs leading up to the next floor, out of sight of the saloon's occupants. "I want to renegotiate." There was a feverish excitement in his light blue eyes. His voice was sultry. "I got a room waitin' upstairs for us."


Heyes' mouth nearly dropped open as his eyes widened in disbelief. He managed to pull his wrist free and step back. "You've gotta be kidding me."


"Don't be so standoffish, Heyes. I know you been with a man before. Know all about you and Kid." Harley's gaze ran up and down Heyes' body. It was evident he liked what he saw.


Heyes' eyes narrowed. "That's right," he said, softly. "I been with a man. Kid. I plan on keeping it that way."


Harley's smile was a little more threatening. "Plans change all the time. If you plan on seeing any of that thirty thousand, then you better be a bit more accommodating of my needs."


Snaking his hand out with a speed Heyes had previously only seen in Kid, Harley caught Heyes by the nape of the neck and pulled him in close.


Heyes' hand dropped to his gun, but before he could reach it his wrist was caught in a punishing grip. He winced in pain as Harley's grip also tightened on his neck. Sparks of pain ran down his spine. Crowded into the corner under the wooden stairs, Heyes had nowhere to go as Harley leaned into him. Trying to push him with his free hand only got the hand trapped between them.


"Don't—" Heyes hissed. His head ducked to avoid Harley's kiss. Where the hell was Kid?


Harley chuckled softly, biting at the side of Heyes' throat. His hand slid up Heyes' neck to tangle in the thick brown strands. He tugged on it brutally, enjoying the grunt of pain and the way Heyes' struggling body moved against his. The thought of getting Heyes upstairs and having that sleek body pinned naked beneath him had the blood surging through his veins. Harley's chest heaved with anticipation.


The hell with his dignity and independence; Heyes was ready to yell for his partner. In one last effort to avoid the humiliation of asking for help, he tried to knee Harley in the crotch. Unfortunately Harley was too close and the angle too awkward. The redhead only laughed and forced Heyes harder into the wall.


The erection poking him in the stomach as Harley pressed against him made Heyes nauseous. His lips pressed together. If Harley tried kissing him again, Heyes was going to bite. Fury darkened his brown eyes. Harley had pushed Heyes too far and Heyes planned on making sure he regretted it.


"Quit fightin' me, Heyes. You need to be a—" Harley screamed, dropping to his knees.


Curry knelt down with him, hand between Harley's thighs, retaining his crushing grip on Harley's testicles.


Released, Heyes slid sideways along the alcove wall and away from the two men, giving Kid room to maneuver.


"I told you, Harley, Heyes is mine." Curry reached Harley's weapon before the other man and slid it away.


Enraged, Harley tried to get to his feet. His head snapped back in an effort to bash Kid in the nose. Curry easily avoided the attempt. Twisting Harley's arm up his back, Kid shoved him face first into the wall.


"I also told you what I'd do if you laid a hand on my partner. Guess you didn't believe me. That's too bad." Kid twisted Harley's testicles again as hard as he could manage.


Near to fainting, Harley's high-pitched scream shocked the saloon to stillness.


Heyes stepped out of the alcove, his attention directed towards the spectators eyeing him curiously. Several of the men looked ready to intervene. Gun out, in a switch from their normal routine, Heyes kept silent watch, providing cover for his partner.


White faced and perspiring, Harley choked back another scream as he curled up tight around his abused balls. His pain-dampened eyes burned with hatred as he gasped. "You're gonna regret that." He sucked in air and panted, "One word from me about who you two are and this whole bar will be fighting over the privilege of turning you in."


"You ain't gonna get the chance." Kid cold-cocked him and let his unconscious body drop.


Standing up, Kid grimly met Heyes' sober gaze. "Think we'd better be movin' on. He ain't gonna be out long."


Heyes nodded, most of his attention still focused on the other men in the room. He holstered his gun as Curry joined him. They had only taken a few steps towards the exit when three men moved to stop them.


"Think you better hold up a minute, boys." The tallest of the three men held out his left hand. "That fella dead?"


"No," Curry said, "but he'll probably learn to keep his hands off what ain't his."


Heyes glared furiously at his partner, outraged. Curry ignored him, his gaze focused on the tall man. The big man slowly scrutinized Heyes' disheveled form from head to toe and glanced back at Curry, a tiny smile curling his lips.


One of the other men ducked around Heyes and took a look at Harley. "He's breathing." He knelt down and felt the lump on the side of the redhead's jaw and noticed the way Harley was curled up, hand over his crotch. "He probably ain't gonna be feeling too perky when he comes to, though."


"Name's Logan," the tall man said. The smile on his face widened noticeably. "Harley isn't exactly the most favored man in town."


"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Kid said.


"But he is the sheriff's favorite nephew."


That was news to Kid and Heyes. No wonder he had access to privileged information. They exchanged worried looks.


"We were on our way out of town anyway," Heyes said. He spied Kyle at the saloon's entrance trying to get his attention and headed for the door.


"Logan." Kid tipped his hat and followed his partner, keeping his eyes open for trouble both in front of and behind him.


"You never mentioned your name," Logan hollered after him.


"No," Kid said, "I didn't."


No one else tried to intervene as the three outlaws left the saloon.


Heyes walked toward the hotel.


Kyle cleared his throat, intimidated by the scowl on Heyes' face. "I already packed up your things, Heyes. Got 'em down at the livery stable. Wheat and the boys is waiting with the horses."


Heyes stood motionless for a second, then changed direction.


It was a quiet ride out of town. No one wanted to be the first to break the silence. It was obvious Heyes was upset about the change in his plans. There was no chance of them robbing the bank – payroll or no payroll – and they could expect a posse on their heels if Harley followed through on his threat.


The men had been disgruntled and angry over losing out on the money, but it was no use blaming Kid. Asking Kid Curry to sit back while another man made up to Heyes was like expecting water to run uphill. It just wasn't gonna happen.


The men found it hard to stay mad at Heyes, too – even though Wheat was trying to nurture his disappointment and anger. Heyes was taking the drastic change in plans harder than his men were and they found themselves wanting to console him over their misfortune. Only problem was, no one knew what to say.


Finally the silence got to be too much for Preacher.


"Ain't your fault, Heyes. Ain't the first time we've had to cancel a job, neither." Preacher rode alongside his leader, keeping his voice low.


Heyes glanced sideways and forced a smile. "'preciate what you're trying to do, Preacher, but it is my fault." His eyes narrowed and his jaw firmed. "I know where I went wrong and I guarantee it's the last time this is gonna happen." He nudged his horse into a canter and put a little distance between himself and his men.


"Heyes," Kid warned, causing his partner to rein in and let the rest of them catch up. Satisfied that Heyes wasn't gonna get too far away again, Kid kept a careful watch on their surroundings. The way their luck was running, he wasn't taking any chances on an ambush.



****    **********    ****    **********    ****



Heyes stepped into his cabin with a sigh of relief and threw his saddlebag on the sideboard. They'd reached Devil's Hole unmolested, despite the belated posse trying to catch up to them. Now he was home, he tried to strengthen his resolve for what he knew he had to do. He turned to block the doorway.


"No, Kid."


Curry paused on the doorstep, bags in hand. "What?"


Heyes' tongue unconsciously slipped out to lick his dry lips. A sure sign to Curry that he was nervous. "I think you better sleep with the boys. Or in the barn." At the incredulous look on Curry's face he added, "Anywhere but here."


Curry's eyes narrowed in anger. "What's goin' through that head of yours?"


"I think it best we give each other some room."


"Best for who?"


Heyes scowled. "For everyone. Now don't make this difficult."


Kid dropped his saddlebags. Arms crossed, he scrutinized his partner. "I think we better talk this over, starting with what the hell is going on."


"It's obvious this relationship, uh, our being together, is detrimental to—"


Kid sighed, realizing where this was going and why. His partner's self-respect had been seriously injured and Heyes was trying to crawl into a hole alone to recover. Kid ignored Heyes' indignant protests and forced his way forward. Scooping up his saddlebags and stepping into the cabin, he closed and locked the door behind him. He dumped the bags onto the floor.


"Kid!" Heyes stumbled away from Curry. "I told you. You're not staying in here with me."


"Yes, I am." Kid steered his partner away from the door and further into the room. Kid watched him calmly and did his best impression of an immovable object. "Unless you can give me a better reason why not."


"Will you quit pushing me? You always have to push!" Heyes started to pace. "Whatever you get from me, it's never enough."


Kid's eyes narrowed. "I never took more than you were willing to give."


Heyes turned to face him. "I'd like to know your definition of willing."


"Heyes…" Wounded, Kid's voice trailed off. "I didn't… are you telling me that I… are you accusing me of… forcing you?"


Heyes ducked his head, running his fingers through his disheveled hair. "No," he said. "I may have been reluctant, but in the end, it was my choice. I just…" He looked up, agitated. "I would have liked to have waited longer. It… I didn't feel comfortable with the idea yet."


Kid relaxed. His sudden smile radiated amused love and affection. "Heyes, if I waited 'til I was comfortable with your schemes, we'd never have achieved anything. None of the boys are ever entirely comfortable with some of the ideas you come up with. They follow along, though, because they trust you." Kid moved closer. "Sometimes that’s all it comes down to: trust."


Heyes shivered as Kid touched his face gently, sliding his fingertips over Heyes' cheek.


"Don't you trust me?"


Looking into the soft, clear blue eyes so close to his own, Heyes swallowed the lump in his throat. His attempt at speech came out a whimper as Kid tenderly cradled his face.


Heated breath wafted over Heyes' lips as Curry tilted his head and leaned in, "You sure you don't want me to stay?" He gazed into wide dark eyes, the brown almost obliterated by the dilated pupils. Kid could feel the shiver run through Heyes.


Curry's fingers slid caressingly down Heyes' throat to curl warmly around the back of his neck. He pulled Heyes into a coaxing kiss. His tongue slid along Heyes' parted lips before taking intimate possession of his partner's mouth, his grip tightening as his passion roused.


Heyes next whimper was one of pain as the abused nerves in the back of his neck protested. The sharp pain cleared his mind and he slid away from Curry, breath short and gasping.


"Heyes?" Curry was suddenly alert. "What's wrong?" Curry advanced on his partner, frowning as Heyes retreated.


"I'm just sore. It's nothing. It's not that. I've been trying to tell you. This has got to stop." Heyes kept backing up as Curry moved forward.


"Damn it, Kid. Will you give me a little room?" He forced himself to hold his ground. It was never wise to run from a predator – and while Kid loved him, he still had all the predatory instincts.


Curry halted, frustrated and anxious, wondering what kind of fool idea was going through Heyes' head, now. "Are you gonna tell me what's got you so crazy? You're making me dizzy."




Curry's eyes blazed fire. "What about him?" His chin tilted stubbornly. "Are you saying I shouldn't have interfered?" Frustration provoked his anger. "He was too much for you, Heyes. What did you expect me to do, stand back and watch?"


"No," Heyes said, resigned. "But I never would have had to be rescued if it weren't for us being together."


Kid was flabbergasted. "What?"


Heyes was angry. "He only wanted me because he knew I'd been with a man before. He thought I was available. If it hadn't been for that, he…" Heyes' voice trailed off as Curry burst into laughter.


"Ah, Heyes." Curry shook his head, still chuckling.


"It's true!" Heyes insisted. "He flat out told me that himself." If Kid didn't stop laughing, Heyes was gonna clobber him. "This isn't funny. And it isn't the first time this has happened to me, either."


That sobered Curry up fast. "What?"


The Kid's hand rested unconsciously on his gun butt as he tried to think back and remember anyone who might have been overly friendly with Heyes.


Heyes ducked his head, embarrassed and uncomfortable. He glanced down and to the side before clenching his jaw and facing his partner again. "Wasn't anything I couldn't handle, so stop worrying."


"It was Franks, wasn't it?"


"No, it wasn't Franks." Heyes rolled his eyes, picturing the hapless, easygoing Franks being confronted by Kid. The man would have a heart attack before Kid's gun ever cleared leather. His puppy-like crush was harmless; he'd never dare to lay a finger on Heyes.




"No. Kid, I'm trying to explain that before we… before you and I started…"


"It was Harris, wasn't it?" Kid glared.


"No! Will you quit it? I ain't tellin' you, so let it go."




Heyes threw the nearest object at Kid's head. It wasn't until it left his hand that Heyes realized it was the book he had been reading. It only served to make him angrier as it hit the wall behind Curry and split in half.


"Will you listen to me? This is serious," Heyes said.


"You're damn right it is." Curry rose up from his crouch, having ducked just in time. He scowled. "It was Masters!"


"No. It wasn't."


"It was—"


Heyes lost it. "Shut up, Kid! Shut up and sit down and listen to me!"


Kid sat.


Heyes eyed him warily, trying to calm down. Satisfied as Kid merely sat in the chair watching him intently, but silently, Heyes spoke.


"Ever since you and I took up together – and I don't mean as partners, I mean intimately," Heyes said, "I—"


Curry felt a smile tug on the corners of his lips. Heyes was passionate and demanding in bed, but try to get him to talk about what they were doing and he was as prissy and staid as an old maid.


Heyes paused suspiciously. "Are you listening to me?"


Kid nodded, not daring to let any amusement show on his face.


Heyes cleared his throat. As usual, when it came to his feelings, his silver tongue was non-existent. "Anyway, since… since then, I've been having trouble."


When it appeared that Heyes wasn't going to continue without some prompting, Kid nudged him. "What kind of trouble?"


Heyes felt like an idiot. A slow flush crept over his face and neck. He cleared his throat.


"Men have…" he fought for the right words, "started showing an interest in me." He glared at Curry. "I don't like it. It never used to happen before you," he accused. "Just because they think I've been with a man before, they think I'm open to being with them."


Heyes scowled. "And now it's interfering with my duties as the leader of the gang. I have a responsibility to the men to think about what's best for them."


Curry's mouth opened in disbelief. Heyes couldn't be serious.


"I think we should back off each other for a while. Give ourselves a little room. If folks don’t know we're together then they won't… they'll stop thinking that I'd be interested in them. And they'll stop bothering me." Heyes frustration over the matter was clearly evident.


"It has to be you, Kid. Folks figure if someone like you is interested in me, there must be a reason. Then they want to try to find out what that reason is. It's the only explanation."


Heyes wasn't like Kid, all smooth muscle and blond hair and blue eyes. He had ordinary brown hair that wouldn't stay where he wanted it, ordinary brown eyes, a lopsided mouth, and the kind of button nose you'd find on a youngster – and he was too skinny.


Kid refused to be sidetracked into the reasons why Heyes was or wasn't attracting attention. "We've been more than partners for four years. It don't usually take this long for you to complain about something. You must have been handling things all right."


Heyes couldn't face Curry's discerning gaze. Before, he'd said no and been able to back it up when needed.  Now, Heyes was badly shaken.


Since what happened with Harley under the stairwell, he doubted his ability to back up his 'no' and make it stick. If they had been in a more secluded area and Kid hadn't been around, things might have turned out differently—and that idea made Heyes sick to his stomach just thinking about it.


Curry's eyes narrowed in concern. He took in a deep breath, suddenly understanding what was wrong. This wasn't a simple matter of bruised dignity. Heyes was scared.


Heyes wet his dry lips, his eyes haunted as he looked at Curry. "Kid, I'm real good at takin' care of myself, you know that, but I'm not sure I could have stopped Harley if we'd been somewhere alone."


"Maybe you couldn't," Curry agreed. "I already knew that. Why do you think you were never left alone with him? One of us was always keeping an eye on you."


Heyes frowned. "Do the men know that–?"


"No. They didn't see the two of you under the stairwell."


Heyes was relieved.


Kid stood up, disregarding Heyes' warning glare. "Heyes, did you ever stop to think that the reason no one seemed interested in you before is simply because you didn't notice their interest?"


"No." Heyes said, flatly.


"Well, believe me, Heyes, you were as handsome before as you have been since I took up with you. It don't make sense that no one was interested in you 'til me."


Curry shook his head and laughed softly. "The only change in you is that I opened your eyes to a whole new way of looking at things. That's all. You're aware when you're being looked at now 'cause you recognize that look from me."


Heyes' head tilted as he watched Curry approach, recognizing that look right now. "Kid, now don't you go getting any ideas. We're not done discussing this. I still think it's better if—" Heyes words were cut off as Kid pulled him into a deep, toe-curling kiss.


"What was that, Heyes?" Kid murmured, nibbling on Heyes' earlobe before giving it a gentle tug with his teeth. He could feel Heyes catch fire in his arms and let out a deep chuckle. Kid's palms slid smoothly down Heyes' back and cradled his ass.


"I. I uh…" Heyes mind went blank as Kid's erection pressed hot and hard against him. The talented mouth worked its way along his jaw line and to his mouth. Heyes' lips parted instinctively.


Kid's breath caressed Heyes' lips as he pressed a kiss to each corner of Heyes' mouth. He began to guide Heyes backwards toward the bed in the corner of the room. He kissed the dimple in Heyes' left cheek, then sought out the smaller dimple in Heyes' right cheek.


Heyes mumbled a protest and tried to turn his head to catch Kid's mouth. Kid let him succeed for a hairsbreadth of time and then pulled away before Heyes could deepen the kiss.


"You got any more fool ideas?" Kid asked, hands roaming skillfully over his favorite territory as he kept guiding Heyes backwards.


"What?" Heyes' eyes were glued to Kid's mouth. "Will you hold still?"




"All right, I—" Heyes yelped as the mattress hit the back of his knees and he found himself flat on his back on the bed. A hundred and seventy pounds of hungry Curry pinned him down. Curry's hands deftly peeled his shirt open. Heyes whimpered as Kid drove him crazy with touches that never seemed to linger in one place long enough. "Kid… please."


"You trust me, Heyes?" Curry whispered in Heyes' ear, enjoying the full-bodied tremor.


"Yes. God, yes! I trust you, Kid." Curry's fingers seemed determined to tickle as much as they strove to arouse. Heyes gasped, bucking. He grabbed Kid with both arms, pulling his partner down as he arched up wildly. His thighs parted, allowing Kid to press closer.


"You trust me to look after you?"


"I can look after mysel—ow!" Heyes flinched as Kid bit down on his shoulder. Kid's teeth held onto Heyes' shoulder threateningly. "Okay. All right." Heyes glared at Kid's smug face. "I trust you to look after me – even if I am perfectly capable of looking after myself."


Heyes tugged impatiently at Kid's gun belt. "Get undressed already. If you're sleeping in here with me, you're not doin' it with your clothes on."


Kid's self-satisfied grin widened. He slowly levered himself off of Heyes and stood.


Heyes scooted up the bed and rested on the pillows, hands clasped behind his head, eyes roaming up and down over Kid's body. "Go on." He waited impatiently for Kid to undress.


Curry took his time, letting Heyes watch, basking in the glow of his partner's attention. It never failed to arouse him, knowing Heyes liked what he saw. He grinned again as he prowled, naked, over his partner's prone form. Heyes was looking a little dazed, his wide mouth parted in hunger. That was an invitation Curry was incapable of resisting. He settled down over Heyes; his kiss slow and passionate. It was with regret that he finally pulled away.


"Your turn."




"Never mind." Curry sat up, straddling Heyes' thighs. He tugged on Heyes' shirt. His partner wasn't very cooperative. Heyes couldn't keep his hands off Kid's body. Shirt and undershirt gone, Kid went to work on Heyes' gun belt. He dumped it on the floor beside the bed.


"Hey! How come you hang your gun nice and neatly on the bedpost and my gun gets—" Kid shut Heyes up. Heyes whimpered into the kiss, his eyes drifting closed. His hands clutched Kid's shoulders.


Heyes whimpered again as Kid pulled back. He tried to pull Curry back down but realized his partner was busy unfastening his pants and beginning to slide them down. Heyes arched his hips to make them easier to remove. His eyes opened. "Wait a minute. You forgot my boots."


"No, I didn't." Curry tugged Heyes pants down until they got stuck just below Heyes' knees, the boots stopping any further progress. Kid flipped Heyes over onto his belly and knelt between Heyes' thighs. His knees pinned Heyes' pants to the bed, limiting his partner's mobility.


Curry sighed appreciatively. Heyes had the greatest ass he'd ever gotten his hands on. He wasn't about to let Heyes know how many that had been. Heyes could be proddy on that subject. Still, Kid sighed. That was one delicious back end his partner was packing around.


The ass in question wriggled as Heyes' tried to peer back over his shoulder. "That all you're gonna do is look?"


"Yep," Kid teased.


Heyes wasn't amused. His erection pressed uncomfortably into the bedding. He twisted until he was more comfortable, not realizing what the movement was doing to his partner's self-control.


Curry decided he'd looked long enough. He slid down until his cheek rested on Heyes' smooth, fuller cheeks. He couldn't resist taking a bite.


"Hey!" Heyes tried to squirm out from under the teasing bite. Kid kept him pinned.


"Easy, Heyes, just relax." He parted Heyes' cheeks with his hands, dropping a kiss on the tiny opening.


Heyes was startled. "Kid, what are you doing?"


"I want to try something." Kid kissed the tiny opening again, pressing at it with his tongue.


Heyes froze, his eyes wide and nervous. "You're not doing what I think you're doing? Kid, that's dirty!"


"You're gonna like this, so stop worrying."


"How can you like it? It—" Heyes groaned, Kid's tongue doing funny things to his insides.


Kid played with his tongue and fingers, enjoying Heyes' gasps and twitches, his partner's panting breaths letting him know he was getting to Heyes. In half the usual time, he had three fingers prodding deep inside his partner. Heyes bucked violently as Kid pressed firmly in just the right spot.


Kid kept it up until Heyes simply couldn't take it anymore.


"That's enough!" Heyes gasped out, his breath short. He flung one hand back to hit Kid's shoulder. He was so close to coming it hurt. "Come on, Kid," he pleaded. "I want you inside me." Heyes ached, craved, and burned for Kid to fill him and take him.


"Easy, honey, I'm gonna give you what you want." Curry grabbed the massage oil from the end table and, trying not to come at the touch, smeared it over his erection. Spit wasn't enough lubricant for the hard ride he had in mind.


"Forget that. I'm ready!"


Kid leaned over and kissed the back of Heyes' shoulder as he positioned himself. "Settle down. I don't want to hurt you, honey."


"You call me honey one more time," Heyes panted,  "and you're the one who's going to be hurting."


"Uh huh," Kid chuckled, ruffling Heyes' hair and breaking into outright laughter as his partner tossed his head irritably.


"You don't quit fooling around back there I'm gonna – oh, god!"


Kid slid smooth and sure into his partner, taking Heyes' breath away. He pressed his forehead into the crook of Heyes' shoulder. His bossy and demanding lover was so hot and so damn tight it caught him by surprise every time. Heyes was made for this, made to fit Curry's body like he fit so perfectly in Curry's heart. Kid Curry clung desperately to his partner as he thrust deeply. He'd kill anybody who tried to take this away from him.


Kid groaned, rocking into his lover.


"Damn it," Heyes arched into Curry, needing to move. His legs pinned down by Kid's weight on his pants; Heyes went a little crazy and took Kid along with him.


Kid bit into Heyes' shoulder, using all his strength to keep Heyes under control. In the tiny part of his mind that could still think, Kid wondered how Heyes would handle being tied down completely and taken. The vision of Heyes spread out beneath him like a banquet, that eloquent mouth gagged and silent, sent Kid into a frenzy of passion.


Heyes howled as Kid stabbed into his prostate over and over. He came, his body rigid, fingers digging frantically into the blankets. Kid didn't slow down. His hand slid beneath Heyes' belly to wrap around his erection.


"No," Heyes whimpered. His body ignored him. Flashes of light danced behind his eyelids as he groaned. Kid's powerful thrusts sent bursts of pleasure and pain racing through Heyes' body. His erection grew, filling Kid's hand.


"That's it honey," Kid crooned. "I'm not done with you yet." He slowed his thrusts, his hand stroking Heyes' cock and coaxing it into fullness.


"Kid, please." Heyes' head ducked into the pillows, his mouth open, body taut. "Finish it."


Kid concentrated on reaching as deep inside his partner as was possible. He groaned, arching his back as he thrust. Beads of sweat ran down his chest. He was close, but he was determined to take Heyes with him again when he came.


"C'mon, honey."


Heyes growled. "Don't call me—" he choked, panting, "honey!"


Heyes groaned. It felt like Kid was reaching his lungs. He bucked side to side, arching into his partner. "Oh, god, Kid, do that again." He shuddered, gasping, as Kid obliged.


Heyes literally saw stars as he came. He was only dimly conscious of Kid crying out in ecstasy—he was aware of nothing but his own pleasure until Kid's solid body collapsed on top of him. He grunted a protest and Kid slid to the side, arms and legs wrapped securely around Heyes.


Kid slowly caught his breath, his hands gentling his partner into a limp puddle in his arms. "Hon—" he coughed as a sharp elbow jabbed into his side. He smacked Heyes on the ass. "Quit it. I'll call you honey any time I want."


Heyes tried to twist around to face his partner, but couldn't quite manage it. He relaxed with a put-upon sigh.


Kid nuzzled him sleepily. "And the only place I'm gonna be sleeping is by your side. You got a problem with that?"


Heyes fidgeted, uncomfortable. "Well, I have a problem—or two."


"What?" Kid sat up.


"Get my damn boots and pants off, Kid. And I need to get cleaned up. You don't expect me to sleep like this, do you?" He frowned, too exhausted and satiated to even think of moving.


Kid grinned and leaned over to kiss him.


Heyes ducked his head under his arm with a yelp. "Ugh! Don't even think of coming near me with that mouth before you brush your teeth! I know where it's been."


Kid rolled out of bed, laughing. "Whatever you say, Heyes."





The End

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